The Medical Missionary Doctor

There is abundant opportunity for all! We trust that others will be in­spired by the success and effectiveness of this effort.

By Dr. L. E. C. Joers, of Tacoma.

The following encouraging report comes at our request front Dr. L. E. C. Joers, of Tacoma, Wash­ington, relative to a medico-evangelistic effort which he has been conducting as a medical missionary worker. Doctor Joers was constrained to put forth greater efforts for the salvation of souls, particularly in the light of circumstances indicative of the near­ness of the coming of Christ. There is abundant opportunity for all! We trust that others will be in­spired by the success and effectiveness of this effort.—Editor.

The Lord opened the way for us to hold a series of meetings four night a week for eight weeks, followed by a few Sunday night meet­ings. This was in the small city of Puyallup, about ten miles from Tacoma. We had no financial assistance; so we felt that it was not best to hire a hall. Instead, we used the Adventist church in the town. We announced the meetings in the local weekly paper; then we had handbills printed and circulated in the surrounding vicinity. We also had a large banner in front of the church, announcing "prophetic lectures;" and our meetings were held under that title.

My name was not used in any way in con­nection with the advertisements. The main lectures were on prophecy or an inspirational subject, and opportunity was given to drop both health and Bible questions in the question box. These were answered before the lecture. An occasional short health lecture was given preceding the main lecture of the evening. The goodly attendance was a real surprise to us, and although it dropped off somewhat be­cause of an epidemic of measles and influenza, the church was quite well filled a large part of the time.

We took up collections sufficient to cover the advertising and other expense, and received enough so that it was not always necessary to ask for an offering. The Lord blessed abun­dantly. We are entirely convinced that we are living in the time of the latter rain, and that the Holy Spirit was present to work on the hearts of the honest men and women who attended the meetings.

We had three baptisms ; and in all, thirty­fpur have experienced the new birth. A num­ber of whole families have come in together. There are still a few who have signified their intention of being baptized a little later. A number more are attending a large meeting now being held by Elder Bradley.

We find that our patients become very much interested in the literature which we have in the reception room, and from the contacts which we have with them, we are able to invite them to attend the evangelistic meetings. We are hoping to see a large number saved as a result. We are surely living in a time when the Lord is using small things to get large results, and I am thankful that He finds it in His mercy to give me the privilege of working for Him in these closing days of His prepara­tion.

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By Dr. L. E. C. Joers, of Tacoma.

May 1940

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