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April 1943


Editorial Postscripts

From the Ministry back page


The Roman Pontifex -Maximus

IV—Controller of the Calendar


The Moon Phenomenon of May 19, 1780-No. 1

What happened on that fateful day?


Health Defense III.

Public Health Enemy No. I


M. D., "Doctor of Mankind"

The modern doctor is called to serve all of mankind.


Home Nursing Class in Canton

How we're teaching the principles of healthful living to their own people.


Effective Approach to the Sabbath Question

In dealing with this problem, I have, for a number of years, made the approach herewith described, presenting the third angel's message as the last warning message to the world and as embodying the Sabbath truth.


The Wisdom of the Human Body

Do you think we have been misled by cun­ningly devised fables or an old woman's dreams?


Effective Appeals for Decision

When the Spirit of God is present in great power and souls are under deep conviction, the words that are used by the soul winner, the earnest manner in which he speaks them, and the tone of his voice have much to do in helping sinners make a decision for God.


The Minister and His Relationships

Efficient Evangelistic Methods and Pastoral Technique.


Editorial Keynotes

Divine Call to Holiness and Fellowship


Practical Pointers on Broadcasting

Radio Evangelism in Action.


Village Evangelism in South India

Challenge of a world task.


Greater Bible Work—No. XI

The eleventh part of our continued exploration.


Perverted Persuasive Power

To imply to our constituency that we are impoverished by reason of the smallness of our income, to insinuate that our pay is paltry and that we are inadequately salaried, is nothing but rank dishonesty.


The Place of the Evangelistic Meeting

How to find a venue under favorable conditions.


The Soul-Winning Radio Program

As an aid to the public effort, the radio has taken the place of the church bell and to some extent of the handbill.


Conserving Our Membership Gains

How shall we conserve our membership gains? What steps can we take to reduce our apostasies?


A Forward-Looking Evangelistic Council

A report from the Northern Union Conference.


On the Growing of Sermons

Reserves of knowledge and power needed


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