The Sanitarium and Soulsaving

In recent weeks here at the Mountain Sanitarium we have had the privilege of seeing gratifying results in the united efforts of the medical and spiritual forces of the institution.

By J. NORMAN CLAPP, Chaplain, Mountain Sanitarium, Fletcher, North Carolina

In recent weeks here at the Mountain Sanitarium we have had the privilege of seeing gratifying results in the united efforts of the medical and spiritual forces of the institution. Three patients are now keeping the Sabbath. All have read "The Great Controversy," and one has also read "The Desire of Ages" and part of "Daniel and Revelation." We are con­tinuing to give special instruction to them on the points of the message. Other patients are show­ing excellent interest in the studies on the Scrip­tures.

Two of these new Sabbathkeepers are a very fine couple. They each went through an unusual experience in their illnesses and fully believe that God preserved their lives in answer to prayer. The husband stopped at the sanitarium to visit his wife, who had been very ill for months as a patient, and he was suddenly taken down with a serious case of pneumonia. He passed through two crises, and each time he was so low that the physician saw no hope except in God's special healing grace. Afterward the physician remarked that this man was the sickest patient he had ever seen.

In the crises we had special prayer for the man, as well as for his wife. The student nurses prayed in classes, in bands, at the worship hour, and individually. The workers sent their peti­tions to heaven, and many of the patients joined with us in presenting the case to the God of mercy.

After these patients were out of danger, a special season of thanksgiving prayer was en­gaged in, and heartfelt gratitude was expressed to the Great Physician for His love and mercy. Later they accepted the Sabbath truth. No doubt we should seek God more often and more earnestly in behalf of those committed to our stewardship and care.

Upon the request of a group of patients, the chaplain is giving a special series of studies on the book of Daniel. A convenient time in the afternoon is appointed for this study. The pa­tients who are in attendance have shown appre­ciative interest in hearing these great and solemn truths.

Four groups of student nurses have been ap­pointed to give Bible studies as a part of their training. One group is giving Bible readings to patients. Each of the other groups is holding cottage meetings at various places in the neigh­borhood. At the time of this writing, good at­tention is being given to the efforts of these young nurses.

In our sanitariums the physicians, nurses, and chaplains have a providential opportunity for seed sowing in good deeds and Bible truths, which should result in a harvest. And though immediate conversions to the message are difficult in sanitarium work, yet we are much en­couraged when such is the case. With prejudice removed, and with vital seeds of truth implanted in the minds and hearts, many patients should eventually rejoice in the saving truths found at our sanitariums.

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By J. NORMAN CLAPP, Chaplain, Mountain Sanitarium, Fletcher, North Carolina

May 1943

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