a short story

M.D. Orlando, Florida

Some years ago one of the division chiefs of the United States Post Office Department, being broken clown in health, became a patient of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and while there was under my personal care. He became so enthusiastic over the wonderful results he experienced in consequence of his adoption of the simple principles and habits he learned at the sanitarium that he prepared for his friends in Washington, D.C.. a banquet at one of the leading hotels of the city. The guests included many of the notable people of Washington, among others, Minister Wu Ting-fang.

A prominent Philadelphia attorney received from Mr. Wu a letter, concerning which the following reference appeared in a leading newspaper:

"The hos.t of friends left behind him when Wu Ting-fang, one of the most noted diplomats of China, returned home from his duties as Chinese Minister to the United States, will be astonished to learn that Mr. Wu has given up eating meat and drinking tea and coffee, to say nothing of wines and 'good red liquor.' "

In his letter to the Philadelphia attorney Mr. Wu said:

"So il will interest you to know that I am now living on a simple diet of nuts, vegetables, and fruit, with no flesh or strong drinks, champagne included, of which, as you know, I was once very fond. It is my intention, whenever opportunity occurs, to preach the doctrine; in fact, f have done so to the Empress Dowager."



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M.D. Orlando, Florida

September 1951

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