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November 1951


Pointers to Progress

Contains two articles


COUNSEL: Conduct in Committee Meetings

Proper conducts prior and during meetings


SHEPHERDESS: As a Worthy Woman

Fourth part of the series



a poem


BIBLE INSTRUCTOR: Modern Sabbath Issues

One of the SDA fundamental beliefs- Sabbath



Contains four articles



Contains two articles


HEALTH EVANGELISM: Practical Christianity at Fuller Sanitarium

"The great object of this institution should be to improve the health of the body, that the afflicted may more highly appreciate eternal things." Testimonies, vol. 1, p. 564."


PASTOR: Do's and Don'ts on Ushering

[This is a condensation of the original article which appeared in the April, 1946, issue of the American Lutheran. Used by permission of the publishers. EDITORS.]


PASTOR: The Pastor as an Executive

A talk given at the Pacific Union Conference session.


Practical Lessons in the Prophecies

"There should be interspersed with the prophecies practical lessons of the teachings of Christ." Evangelism., p. 172."


FEATURES: Why I Am a Protestant

Reprinted by permission from The Gospel Witness and Protestant Advocate


FEATURES: Ministerial Temptations

"The temptation to recline. The temptation to shine. The temptation to whine."


FEATURES: What Is Right With Preaching Today?

First part of the series.


FEATURES: Facing the Task of Doubling Our Church Membership

A talk given at workers' meeting, New York Conference camp meeting,July, 1951.


Give Us These Men!

[We are grateful to R. E. Crawford, book and periodical department manager of the Canadian Watchman Press, for calling our attention to the following paragraphs penned by W. M. Punshon, who is speaking of John Bunyan, that stalwart man of God. These paragraphs contain ideals toward which we all should strive. Under God, may we as workers attain these lofty objectives. EDITORS.]


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