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September 1958


Pointer's to Progress

Monthly pulpit pointer's by the Ministry staff


The Three Tithes of the Old Testament

A look at the sacred tithe, the tithe of feasts, and the tithe for the poor.


Baptism in the New Testament

Research into the history of the concept of baptism and its distinctive features in the New Testament.


Sayings of Sir James Baillie

Reflections on life and religion.


The School Bell Rings!

The monthly shepherdess column by Louise C. Kleuser


The Evangelistic Preaching Wheel Part II

There should not be a sermon given unless a por­tion of that discourse is to especially make plain the way that sinners may come to Christ and be saved.


Music in Evangelism

The power of music has a potency for good or evil that few of us realize.


The Soils of the Soul

Recent chapel talk at our Theological Seminary.


Helps for Busy Pastors and Evangelists

Study resources for understanding the scriptures better.


The Challenge of Cleveland

The forty-eighth session of the General Conference is now history, but the inspi­ration of it all lingers in our hearts. It was indeed a great meeting. Everything seemed to combine to make this session one that will long be remembered. The weather was excellent, and the appointments and buildings left little to be desired.


Ecclesiastical Bird Watching

The following is a summary of the annual report of the Ornithological Society of Ec­clesia.


Spirits Like Frogs

An exploration of John's record of a worldwide spiritual conspiracy led and inspired by evil spirits.


Is Hypnotism Dangerous?

Much confusion abounds regarding hyp­nosis, one of the oldest mental techniques known to man. But how is it dangerous?


Creative Preaching and Teaching

To what extent is the total effect of our methods of preaching and teaching upon the personal­ity and the life of our people a genuinely Christian effect?


Facing Our Real Problem

How can the work of God be finished and the return of Jesus hastened?


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