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A.C.F. is an associate editor of the Ministry. 

The editors of THE MINISTRY sincerely desire that your professional journal will be of practical service to each worker in the field. We want every page to speak words of training, strength, guidance, and inspiration.

It has been suggested that we provide more "how" articles—the kind that help a man where he works, lives, and has his ministry. We are grateful for the information we receive concerning the larger reach-the-masses type of evangelism, and we trust this will continue. However, it is felt there is a need for more counsel styled for the pastor in a large district of small churches.

The pastor-evangelist has an intense longing to be a greater soul winner. He desires to carry out all prescribed church programs, and he wants to do it more spiritually and more efficiently. He yearns to be a scholar of the Holy Scriptures, and to dig deeply into the mines of sacred truth. He looks toward THE MINISTRY to aid in filling these ministerial needs.

THE MINISTRY is a composite of thought from men in all avenues of our sacred ,calling. Each has been given some particular gift. We have been placed in different circumstances and environments. In the operation of our service, ideas and methods have been developed that have proved of value. God has blessed in various ways. Why not share your thoughts and successful programs? Have you prepared material for a workers' meeting? Then widen your sphere of influence by sharing it with the world field through these pages.

It is in sharing that the fellowship bonds are tied more tightly in spiritual strength and service.                                                                                                                          

A. C. F.

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A.C.F. is an associate editor of the Ministry. 

October 1958

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The Minister

Preaching is no mere profession. But what is it?

Have You Seen the King?

A devotional talk given at the Ministerial Convention preceding the General Conference session in Cleveland, Ohio.

Pastoral and Personal Evangelism

Is Paul's method still up to date?

Evangelistic Vision

God's word of prophecy will surely come to pass.

Entering Into Our Opportunities

Bible instructors are needed—both men and women—for the personal touch. We need workers who love to slip into the homes of the people and open the Scrip­tures and tell the wonderful but simple story of salvation.

Radio, Television, and Film Evangelism

A panel discussion on new mediums of evangelism.

Bible Instructors at Cleveland

The Cleveland General Conference was an inspiring occasion for our Bible instructors who arrived from near and far. How we were happily surprised at the number in attendance.

More Powerful Preaching

A panel discussion on the elements of powerful.

Reaching the Masses

How should we go about reaching the masses?

Our Worship of God

A panel discussion on how and why we are to conduct our worship of God.

"None Other Name Under Heaven"

Are we failing to put proper religious emphases in the lives of our children?

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