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September 1965



Monthly pointer's from the Ministry staff.



In recent years a new concept of evangelism has been practiced suc­cessfully in the South­ern Union under the name of Revivalism.


Healing to Save (Part 3)

Prevention is better than cure.


Operation Outreach

Building Personal Concern for Persons


"None of Us Liveth to Himself"

The need for encouragement and fellowship.


A Doctor's Weekend Off— Read This and Relax!

Doctors and witnessing.


Lessons From a Carthusian Monastery

My visit to Spain in the fall of 1964 .


TV Bible Class in Oregon

How it worked.


Five Hundred Souls in Three Campaigns

Reports from Latin America.


Evangelism in the Austral Union

A new awakening in the South American Division.


"So We Fasted and Besought Our God

Evangelism in Hamburg, Germany


A New Venture in Evangelism

Our women conduct a public effort.


Adventist Explosion in South America

How it is happening.


It Worked in France!

How we implemented the Bible-marking method in evangelism in France.


Teamwork in Korea

The team spirit at work in Korea.


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