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Applied theology at the seminary

J.R. Spangler is the editor of Ministry. 

"Applied theology" in word and deed occupies an impressive place in the over­all training of ministers at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. One fourth of the credit required for the Bache­lor of Divinity degree is earned in classes that involve the students in actual church situations and public evangelism.

Each summer the Seminary sends out a hundred or more students to receive train­ing in the art of soul winning. These stu­dents participate in evangelistic campaigns called Field Schools of Evangelism. Some of the most successful evangelists in the de­nomination direct these field schools, and thus by class lecture and public demonstra­tion they train the younger ministers in the glorious art of leading people to Christ and the Advent message.

During the past eight years since the Seminary began its current Field School of Evangelism program, it has sent out about five hundred students to receive this type of front-line training, and they have participated in more than fifty evangelistic campaigns. Approximately three thousand new converts have been baptized into the church as the immediate result. Today many of the younger ministers around the world field who came to the Seminary for training are continuing to enjoy the thrill­ing experience of soul winning they first tasted in a Seminary Field School of Evangelism.


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J.R. Spangler is the editor of Ministry. 

April 1968

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