New Approach to Alcoholism

TRADITIONAL alcoholism programs have been one-sided. They dealt with either alcohol alone, or with man, the user alone---not both.

TRADITIONAL alcoholism programs have been one-sided. They dealt with either alcohol alone, or with man, the user alone---not both.

Much research is centered on the effects of alcohol consumption, while other major studies have long forgotten a search for causes and are now focused on rehabilitation methods to make some attempt at halting the avalanche of human suffering.

The 4DK is all inclusive, looking at both alcohol and man, and the four dimensions of man which unite to make up the complete life the physical, mental, social, and spiritual.

Two specialists have developed this approach: E. H. J. Steed, General Conference temperance secretary and executive director of the International Commission for the Prevention of Alcoholism, and L. A. Senseman, M.D., psychiatric specialist and long-time chairman of the Rhode Island Advisory Committee on Alcoholism.

In order to probe the real causes of alcoholism, 4DK digs deeply into human problems of all types and comes up with a positive plan of better living everyone could well use, whether or not he is a drinker.

Two cities had sneak previews of the 4DK plan in 1969 to test public acceptance of the program and to finalize on details of presentation.

Chosen as test sites were Hialeah Hospital in Miami, Florida, and Berk County Medical Hall in Reading, Pennsylvania one in a resort center, and the other in an industrial area.

Educational leaders, alcoholism specialists, and medical people who observed the plan in operation acclaimed it highly. Speaking of the need for a vigorous new attack on the age-old problem of addiction, Director Steed says, "We stress the necessity for education and prevention. We'd rather study the cause to prevent the effect than study the effect to find the cause."

He goes on, "We will present to the community the cause of alcoholism and believe that if people know the cause they can prevent the effect."

The 4DK program consists essentially of four lecture periods with specially prepared pertinent films, visual aids, and group fellowship.

The 4DK will be conducted for the Atlantic City community, and for observing delegates June 15-18 in the Boredan Hall, Dennis Hotel, at five-thirty each evening during the General Conference session. Delegates who desire to attend may secure admission tickets by writing the General Conference Temperance Department.

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