All the King Wants Is

All the King Wants Is. . .

ON November 14, 1973, Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise was married to Captain Mark Anthony Peter Phillips in London's historic Westminster Abbey. She of the ruling class, he a commoner; her parents royalty, his from a simple background. . .

ON November 14, 1973, Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise was married to Captain Mark Anthony Peter Phillips in London's historic Westminster Abbey. She of the ruling class, he a commoner; her parents royalty, his from a simple background.

Many may have chuckled as they heard the Captain vow to endow his wife with all his worldly goods. He had so little to give. The woman whom he married is rich and lacks for little of this world's goods. But because of their marriage bond, not only is she entitled to the little he has, but he is heir of all that is hers.

Although Captain Mark Phillips was not born into royalty, he has now been fully adopted into the family of the reigning British monarch. He stands in a new relationship and the past is put aside. The fact remains, he has promised to give all of the little he has to the one to whom he has committed the remainder of his life in the holy bond of matrimony. She has, in turn, pledged her entire fortune and earthly goods to meet his needs through the years ahead. And no matter how much he or she needs, it will impoverish neither of them.

Many people are so awed by the thought of the very existence of God that they are afraid to come into a personal relation ship with Him. They are embarrassed that they have so little of this world's goods and personal talents to present to Him. Be cause they cannot do everything, they are content to do nothing.

Yet God only asks us for what we have, and it matters not if it be little or much, if we give it gladly because of our love for Him. It is the quality of the relationship and not the quantity of the treasure which matters to Him. And when we enter our new association, we become His children, and all that He has becomes ours. Once our commitment is made, it ought to be a life-long bond. Thereafter, we have an obligation to share all we have with Him while He, in turn, is willing and able to meet all our needs. In such fellowship there will never be impoverishment.

We read in John 1:12, "But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name." You can become part of the family of the King of Kings, and all He is and has will be yours.


Reprinted by permission from Eternity Magazine, copyright 1974, The Evangelical Foundation, 1716 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19103.


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September 1975

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