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December 1976


How to Preach the World

There are hungry congregations, everywhere, waiting to receive what the Lord has to say.


Step-by-Step in Better Living Evangelism

Capitalizing on the health-emphasis explosion.


No Empty Chairs

The monthly shepherdess column


Amos—Prophet With a Fishing Pole

Getting to know a neglected biblical prophet.


Upgrading the Worship Hour

How we handle the 11 o'clock hour.


No Soft Option

The changing shape of ministry.


The SDA Security Blanket

The Bible is the Christian's survival kit.


"Giants in the Earth"

Think what it must have been like in a time when lives spanned nearly a thousand years, and no one ever forgot what he once heard or saw!


There Must Be Death Before Burial

The old man must be dead before we have a burial.


Resolution or Revolution?

Annual Council Resolution Could Change Direction of Church


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