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July 1980


Editorial: The Three Angels of the Apocalypse—3

The message of Revelation is the story of the great struggle between Christ and Satan in its ultimate issues.


Recommended Reading

Monthly book reviews



Religious News from around the World


Coins of the Bible

The ancient world of coins can give modem students an interesting look at everyday life in Bible times.


Not just a Benevolent Nobody

A new world opened to this pastor's wife when she learned that the greatest gift she had to offer was an honest sharing of herself.


Closed Minds

Scientific honesty demands that we distinguish what we know from what we believe, and be secure enough to examine other views.


A Doctrine of Health?

The Scriptures present health of body, mind, and soul as a doctrine on a level with other basic truths.


Modern Israel and Bible Prophecy

Should the return of 3 million Jews to their homeland mean something to Christians? Was the repossession of Jerusalem by Jews in 1967 forecast by Jesus? And are these things signs of the times?


The Synod of Dutch Bishops



There is a dangerous tendency among ministers to use a scriptural reference as a religious setting for their talk and by doing so to feel that they have preached the Word. An occasional text also adds a degree of palatability for the spiritual taste buds of those who still long to taste the Word of God. But are we preaching the Word when we use it only as a springboard for our religious remarks?


How to lose out

Chances are you won't make all these mistakes, but even one or two can seriously hurt your ministry.


Clothing men of the cloth

Don't buy another suit (or shirt) until you have read this article! It may make a difference in the effectiveness of your ministry.


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