Court axes prayer at Little Axe

On March 11, 1983, Judge Ralph G. Thompson of Oklahoma City's U.S. District Court ruled on the constitutionality of the Son Shine Club of the rural Little Axe school system. Author Tim Ponder, reporting this case, broadens our perspectives on both sides of the issue of religion and the public schools.

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Jesus: the indispensable center

We cannot love ideas as we can love a person. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ has been the motivating factor behind Christianity——and must be so for our own ministry.

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Is the ministry getting you down?

John S. C. Hsuen, a minister and a medical doctor, identifies some of the elements of pastoring that lead to stress and then points to resources that can turn stress from a destructive to a productive force.

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Grief Recovery—2

We sometimes avoid spending much time ministering to the bereaved and grieving because we are afraid of becoming too emotionally involved or that our own inner feelings will "hang out" for others to see. This second article, describing the five sessions of a Grief Recovery Seminar, may help us get a handle on those fears.

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