Kenneth Wade is an assistant editor of Ministry.

Recently, in preparing to update our Soft ware Information Packet, I discovered that several hundred companies are now manufacturing soft ware for church applications. Contacting all of them and supplying a packet has grown to be too big a task for our office. But I haven't given up on helping churches find good software at a good price. And have I got a deal for you this month! How would you like to get a complete membership management program for IBM PC-compatibles (with a minimum of 256k of RAM) for just $35.00?

I've used and demonstrated the Church Membership Directory program myself for more than two years. (Al though I am not currently pastoring a church and hence don't use it in that capacity, I have experimented extensively with it.) The latest version is one of the most versatile and easy-to-learn-and-use programs I've ever seen. Data entry is quick, based on an onscreen form that has context-sensitive help and explanations always visible.

Sorting names according to offices held, or map coordinates, or age, or any other category or multiple categories is fast, even with more than 1000 names included. And you can generate a multitude of lists within the directory for communicating easily with specific groups. The wide variety of types of preformatted lists, directories, even postcards, you can print out is phenomenal. You can even print individual visitation record cards to be taken along on a visit. Perhaps the most important thing about this program is that it runs just as a pastor would want because it was written by a pastor who continues to use and upgrade it constantly.

The most recent upgrade is a complete attendance- tracking module that makes it easy for you to keep accurate records of individuals' attendance at several different weekly meetings. Planned upgrades include a complete church treasurer's module (not yet available). Upgrades, once you have purchased the program, typically cost $15 to $30 depending on how extensive the changes.

By special arrangement, and through January 31, 1989 (April 30 outside North America) only, any pastor or church can order a copy of the Church Membership Directory through Ministry for US$35.00 ($40 outside U.S. and Canada). After that date a special license will make it available to Seventh-day Adventist pastors only for that price. (Normal retail is $199.)

This program does what I would want a membership program to do if I were a pastor. I hope many of you will take ad vantage of this special limited offer. Orders must be on church letterhead, accompanied by payment, and sent to Ministry Software offer, 6840 Eastern Ave. NW., Washington, D.C. 20012.

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Kenneth Wade is an assistant editor of Ministry.

September 1988

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