An open letter to our world church

Is the promise of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit's power in the latter rain for sometime in the future or is it meant for us today?

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The minister as a human being

Recognizing our humanness warns us of temptation, reveals our potential, frees us from the guilt that unrealistic expectations bring, and uncovers the ground that motivates and enables our mission.

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Small town, small church

When you accommodate your needs, you can make small-town small-church ministry a satisfying, growth-enhancing experience.

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Organize a Spirit-filled ladies' prayer group

A pastor's wife can minister to the needs of the women in the congregation in ways her husband cannot.

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Serving the Servant

Why do so many pastors want to be called Doctor?

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Slanting the truth

Our reports may be factual but slanted and even misleading.

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