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An excellent book for both the pastor and his or her counselees.

By the staff of Ministry.

Getting the Best of Yourself, David W. Aycock, Victor Books, Wheaton, II, 1989, 166 pages, $6.95, paper.

Not just another self-help book, this volume gives practical how-tos in overcoming destructive thinking and behavior. "To do the job right, you must have the right tools," and Aycock seeks to direct us to some of those tools in a Christian context. He does not deal in generalities but provides specific help. For example, the author explains how and when to use such techniques as "thought stopping" when stressed by worry or other troubling thoughts.

This is an excellent book for both the pastor and his or her counselees, and to have available in the church library.


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By the staff of Ministry.

June 1991

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