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October 1991


Editorial: Threats to worship


Editorial: The cross, the center of worship

On the purpose of worship.


An Annotated Bibliography on Worship

The following worship books in print are recommended by Merle J. Whitney, pastor, Seventh-day Adventist Church, Lakeside, California.


101 ideas for better worship services

The following suggestions are designed to add life and vigor to worship services.


Selling change

How to bring about change in your church without losing your members.


More than half a brain

Our services tend to appeal to left-brained thinkers, leaving the right-brained out in the cold. If we designed them for both, everyone would be happier.


Don't forget the bridge

As it has in the past, worship still serves African-American Christians as the bridge that traverses troubled waters.


What instruments shall we use?


Music and worship

Praise and participation, not performance, must characterize worship music.


Worship renewal in the Seventh-day Adventist Church

What we need is a reformation in worship that will kindle a desire to experience the presence of the transcendent God and accept His purposes.


Authentic Adventist worship

Authentic Adventist worship must carefully maintain a balance between proclamation and acclamation, both rooted in faithfulness to God's Word.


Enthusiasm in early Adventist worship

Our spiritual ancestors had livelier services than many of us would be comfortable with today.


O come, let us worship!

Seven basic principles that define Christian worship as a moment of mystery and meaning.




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