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September 1992


Editorial: Abortion: choice or life?

For several years the Adventist Church has had a committee wrestling with the abortion question. It has now formulated a suggested statement which will be presented to the 1992 Annual Council. Should the church vote a statement? What authority should it have?


The undershepherd plan

Local church elders have a vital role in nurturing members.


Protecting your PKs

Five suggestions to help pastor's kids survive your ministry


Preaching together

Attention-keeping is just one benefit of pastor-spouse team sermons.


When omniscience forgets

This is not divine amnesia, but a divine promise to perpetuate my eternal joy.


Urban ministry: an overlooked mission field?

The gospel has the power to transform the lonely, the aimless, and the dying in the inner cities. Have we given this ministry our support?


The abortion dilemma

We must come to terms with it.


The fetus in biblical law

Does Exodus 21 support the practice of abortion?


Pro-choice, pro-life, and rescue

Where is the ultimate human value to be found?


Who am I?

David's self-reflection is in a way a call to take stock of oneself, to pause before the Almighty and face the searching question, Who am I? A mini god? A fraud? A machine? Many answers have been provided: some far from truth; some true but futile. We shall reflect on three such answers and find fulfillment in another.




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