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Pastors [Off the Record]: Straight Talk About Life in the Ministry, Stefan Ulstein, InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, 111, 1993, 252 pages, $10.99, paper.

After hearing too many times that pastors' kids should be examples, one minister told his members, "If any one of you ever again comes to me with a criticism of my kids and says, 'After all they are the pastor's kids,' I'll nail you to the wall. I will not have my kids growing up to hate my job or my God." What do pastors say when they feel free to speak their minds? Stefan Ulstein interviews pastors from Canada, the United States, and Mexico. They span many denominations and come from mega-churches and rural minichurches; from small towns and inner cities.

The idea for this book came to Ulstein as he noticed that many pastors seemed distant and hesitant to share their feelings. Now in this book they tell why— anonymously. Ulstein wrote the book not only to encourage pastors, but to help congregations know how to treat these very human shepherds of the flock.

A Democratic Catholic Church: The Re construction of Roman Catholicism, Eugene C. Bianchi and Rosemary Radford Ruether, eds., Crossroad Publishing Co., New York, 1992, 260 pages, $23.95, hardcover.

This book gives us a glimpse of an other Catholic church that Adventists seldom hear about—that of those who want their church to represent truly the "people of God." The contributors argue for a more democratic and participatory church. They maintain that the current structure derives, not from the mandate of Jesus Christ, but from the monarchies within which it existed in times past, and that it is long overdue for change. Thirteen scholars and theologians contribute, including Hans Kung.

Who Cares? Cultivating the Fine Art of Loving One Another, Gayle G. Roper, Harold Shaw Publishers, Wheaton, Illinois, 1992, 98 pages, $6.95, paper.

In the form of Bible studies, the book presents Christian principles of caring. An excellent study book for a midweek series, it has questions and activities at the end of each chapter that guide readers in applying what they have learned. This book can help members be there for others, understand church conflicts, and revive relationships.

Who's Who in Theology: From the First Century to the Present, John Bowden, Crossroad Publishing Company, New York, 1992,152 pages, $18.95, hardcover.

A comprehensive guide to Christian history from the New Testament to the present. Of special interest is the list of all the popes and an objective description of them and their claims. Though Bowden lists Mary Baker Eddy, Joseph Smith, and Jonathan Edwards, Ellen White is notably absent. Even William Miller who impacted nineteenth-century American religion about the Second Coming finds no room in this volume.

Report on the Church: Catholicism After Vatican II, Richard P. McBrien, HarperSanFrancisco, San Francisco, 1992, 263 pages, $19.00, hardcover.

If you are looking for sensationalism about the Catholic Church, this is not your book. An honest and scholarly account of tensions and changes in the church, McBrien's work addresses almost every major issue, event, need, and dispute that has affected the church in the past three decades. This is a good resource book for those interested in facts about contemporary Catholicism.

The Church as the Body of Christ in the Pauline Corpus: A Reexamination, Gosnell L.O.R. Yorke, University Press of America, Lanham, Maryland, 1991, 156 pages, $23.50, paper.

Yorke wrote this scholarly work while he was teaching at Atlantic Union College.

Scholars have tried to come to grips with a fundamental but unresolved is sue—the nature of the relationship between Christ via His own body and the church as a body. Some assume soma Christou points to Christ's risen body. Yorke, currently chairman of the Theology Department at the University of Eastern Africa Baraton, Kenya, examines that premise and demonstrates that the expression is not a reference to Christ's personal body, but instead, with regard to the church, has the human body as its metaphorical referent.

Comprehensive Index to the Writings of Ellen G. White, volume 4, A-Z Supplement, Pacific Press Publishing Association, Boise, Idaho, 1992, 1,035 pages, $23.95, hardcover.

Prepared under the direction of the board of trustees of the Ellen G. White Estate, this volume includes both a scripture index and a topical index (A to Z) to Ellen G. White books published since the last index.

ParentWise: How to Raise Good Adventist Kids, Len McMillan, Review and Herald Publishing Association, Hagerstown, Maryland, 1993,138 pages, $8.95, paper.

The author, a family-life specialist, gives parents practical suggestions for raising happy, well-adjusted children. In the process, Len McMillan explodes some myths about traditional families. He shows how Adventist families compare with the rest of society, and how they can avoid child-raising mistakes. This well-written volume will be hard to put down.

Christmas Plays

The following Christmas books, published by CSS Publishing Co., Lima, Ohio, can be ordered by calling 800- 537-1030.

A Night in Shining Darkness: A Children's Christmas Play, Lynda Pujado, 1993,39 pages, $4.95, paper.

Miracle in the Bethlehem Inn: A Christmas Play, Mary Lu Warstler, 42 pages, $5.75, pa per.

What Shall We Do With This Baby? A Christmas Eve Worship Service, Jan Spence, 21 pages, $4.25, paper.

1994 Daily Devotional Books

All of these 1994 devotional books are published by Review and Herald Publishing Assn., Hagerstown, Maryland, and are available at your local Adventist Book Center.

Sure as the Dawn, Donald Ernest Mansell and Vesta West Mansell, 1993,400 pages, US$9.95, Cdn$13.45, hardcover.

The Mansells have provided a daily meditation book for adults filled with inspiring stories from which they have drawn lessons of God's care and power in the Christian life. For example, in "Blessings in Disguise," we read how, at age 40, Wallace Johnson was fired from his job at a sawmill. This "setback" gave Johnson the opportunity to start Holiday Inns and not only become wealthy him self but help thousands of others.

Growing Up With Jesus: Devotions for Preschoolers, 223 pages, US$9.95, Cdn$13.45, hardcover.

Eighteen authors have come together to contribute delightful character-building stories and worship activities for preschool children. Topics include missions, animals, nature, obedience, and faithfulness.

Way to Go!, Corrine Vanderwerff, 1993, 384 pages, US$9.95, Cdn$13.45, hard cover.

Corrine Vanderwerff, writer, missionary, and manager of the REACH child sponsorship programs in Zaire, brings juniors a daily devotional book filled with exciting stories that will help them build a relationship with God.

The Listening Heart, Rose Otis, ed., 1993, 429pages, US$12.95, Cdn$17.50, hardcover.

More than 200 women write from their hearts in this 1994 daily devotional for women. A journal accompanies the volume in which women can record their own spiritual growth as they journey through the year with The Listening Heart. Royalties go to a General Conference women's ministry scholarship fund to assist women around the world in gaining skills to further the mission of the church.

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