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April 1994


Editorial: The evidence of the grace of God

In this remarkable passage about a remarkable church, inspiration records for us a definition of grace that we need to hear again and again, and practice more often


God cannot be mocked

Lessons from the fall of European Communism


The ministry and the market forces

True gospel ministry will not succumb to market forces of either theology or constituency.


Sabbath in Bethesda

Narrative preaching brings God close by, showing how He actively meets our needs.


Visions and revisions, part II: editing the Testimonies

"There is no salvation in bad grammar," argued Willie White, and the resultant editing admirably preserved the integrity of the Testimonies.


Needed: biblical preaching

The General Conference president shares his conviction and concerns in a three-part serial on preaching.


How much diversity can we stand?

These four articles represent four significant segments within the church today.




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