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He still uses dreams

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He still uses dreams


Gloria Bentzinger, editor


"And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions" (Joel 2:28 NIV). God has been dramatically fulfilling His promise!


A mother and daughter attending the meetings in Romania were seeking God for truth, asking Him to open their minds. They wondered whether Seventh-day Adventists were a bizarre cult. One night, they each had a dream. They dreamed on the same subject- Creation. They saw the creation of the world and God resting on the seventh-day Sabbath. The next morning as they shared their dreams, they were astounded! Why? Both had the same dream, the same nightt-a dream that the Bible Sabbath was Saturday, the seventh day of the week! With their thoughts in a whirl, they attended the meetings that evening. The subject that night? The Bible Sabbath! Absolutely amazed, the mother and daughter recognized that God miraculously gave them the same dream to impress them before the Sabbath message was presented. They were among the first ones to come forward on the appeal to follow Christ all the way and keep His commandments.


In Eastern Europe, a family of Orthodox Christians were attending NET '96 meetings in a city close to them. They were impressed with the presentations, but after a few nights the heart of the wife was filled with anxiety: "Lord, where is the truth? 0 God, show me where is the truth!" That night in a dream, she heard a voice saying these distinct words: "What you have been hearing is the truth! Tell it to others, too!" She was very impressed and shared the dream with her husband. He replied, "This is clear. This is what we have to do!" The next Sabbath morning both were in church, and amid tears, she gave a powerful testimony of her experience and decision.


A man in New York had just completed an eight-week class to become a member of an evangelical church until he was instructed in a dream to join the Adventist church! In his dream he saw a large Sunday-keeping church. As he approached the door, a voice told him to go around to the back of the church. There he saw a massive group of people going through a large dark tunnel. "Where are you going?" he asked them. "We really don't know just like you," they answered. Then he saw a narrow tunnel, light brilliantly streaming out. Before the small tunnel was a stream. He then heard Jesus' voice saving, "You have to go through the stream and be baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist church in order to enter this tunnel." When he handed in his decision card during NET '96 he told the pastor, "God told me to do this!"

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