When You're Serious About Love

This book is a must, especially for teenagers.

Celia Mejia Cruz, General Conference Women's Ministries, Silver Spring, Maryland.




The author writes in a very open, upfront manner that is easy to read. She helps the reader sort through their own expectations as she discusses many topics, some of which are how to know if you're dating the right person for you, warning signs of a potential future abuser, taking a personal inventory of your expectations in a marriage, how to be the right mate for someone else, enjoying the single life, differences in temperaments, how to break up and still be friends, premarital sex, 16 steps to intimate bonding in a relation ship, courtship, and communicating.

This book is a must for all teenagers, young adults, and adults whether married or single. It's an excellent resource for pastors, counselors, teachers, and youth workers

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Celia Mejia Cruz, General Conference Women's Ministries, Silver Spring, Maryland.




March 1997

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