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March 1998


Editorial: The heart of the pastor's task

The pastoral role, especially in certain settings, vies with the most demanding professions of earth.


Behind mission compound walls

Guidelines for living in unity despite cultural and social differences

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New discoveries at Philistine Ekron

The archaeological remains of the past throw light on a message for today

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Net '98: The next millennium seminar

Finding a forever friendship with God: the heart of NET '98 outreach

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Dying the big deaths

An honest evaluation of life priorities and ministerial performance

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Viewpoint: Church management: How is it different? What brings success?

Legitimate adaptation of corporate management principles to church leadership

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"Christ is risen, indeed!"

The certainty and meaning of the risen Christ

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Good news from the grave

The empty tomb of Jesus speaks courage to humanity

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A tryst with Thomas

Easter's hope for the skeptic

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