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July 1998


Editorial: Eloquence and authority

Every preacher covets it. It is what people in the pew look for in their pastor when he or she preaches.


Interview: Inductive preaching: An interview with Fred B. Craddock

Preaching that leads people to arrive at their own conclusions


The case against drinking

A theological and sociological reflection on the effects of alcohol consumption

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Marriage: Keeping promises and building commitments

Thought-provoking principles underlying marriage and divorce

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NET '98: Reaching the urban, secular audience

Evangelizing with a particular target audience in mind

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Keeping your family on course

Ways of holding the priority of family in focus

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And Jesus came preaching...

Lessons in preaching from the Master Preacher

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Can preaching change behavior?

Final of a three-part series on preaching

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Letting biblical authority impact the local church

Five principles that enrich Bible study in the preaching context

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Preaching in context

Are we preaching the right message at the right time and place?

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