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August 1998


Editorial: Caring about pastoral care

The importance of pastoral care


Viewpoint: Church and change

How does the church handle change?

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Needed: pastors in service or retired

Report: Arenas in which retired workers may make a difference

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Do retired workers ever really retire?

Retirement can open the doors to a new type of meaningful service

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Retirement the British way

A summary of the recently implemented British Union retirement plan

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A matter of simple justice: remuneration for pastor's wives

The case for paying pastors' wives involved in ministry

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South Pacific Division changes retirement plan

A contemporary and fair plan, introduced after input from workers

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Preparing for the golden handshake

A practical guide for retirement preparation

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The preacher goes to Wall Street

Getting the most out of the new North American Division retirement plan

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Changes in the North American Division retirement plan

A comprehensive review of the new NAD employee retirement plan

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