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April 2000


Editorial: Teachable spirit, teamwork, and Ministry

Is Ministry helpful in your ministry? How can we serve you better? Let us know. You are the reason for Ministry's existence. We want to have a teachable spirit. We want you to be part of our team.


Church Discipline and Church Growth

A call for the conscientious implementation of an intentional plan for church discipline

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The Revelation, Inspiration, and Authority of Scripture

Alternative approaches to hermeneutical positions presented in previous Ministry articles

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The Authority Paradox

A biblical view of the source and function of authority in the church

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Nurturing and Preserving New Converts

Ways of caring for newcomers after baptism

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Integrity on Trial: A case study of Job

Seeing the essential message of Job in terms of integrity

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Empowering the Saints for Service and Ministry

Engaging and coordinating lay ministry

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