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August 2003


Editorial: Old issues ongoing

Along with Christians since the first century, Seventh-day Adventists have had their struggles with the question of what kind of nature |esus took when He, "the Word," became "flesh" (John 1:14). Our question has been, To what extent and in which ways did Jesus possess a sinful human nature versus a sinless divine nature, and how do these two natures meet in Him and relate to human salvation?


Ministering to families of the terminally ill

Final in a two-part series on how a pastor relates to people facing death

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A ministry portal to the world (wide web)

A unique way for North American ministers to use the Internet

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Listen and love: How do you treat gay people?

A challenging way of relating to homosexual people in your church

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Entertainment as worship: Old Testament trends

Do some worship practices sanctioned in biblical antiquity have anything to say to us today?

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Handling extremism and fanaticism in the local church

Helpful insights into the question of relating to difficult people and viewpoints

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Questions on Doctrine: Then and now

A significant report and commentary on the release of a new edition of an important and controversial book

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Salvation in Jesus

The eighth part of Ministry's extended series on the Seventh-day Adventist faith

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Linking leadership and successful pastoring: An investigation

A study indicating specific leadership qualities and practices that make good leaders

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