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May 2007


Editorial: Who knows what you are doing?

Others do not know much of what we do. It's not so much that we want to keep it a secret-although there are issues that we must keep confidential. However, many things that we do are not done in the public arena.


Giving the gift of life

Pastors rarely preach about it; church members rarely hear about it. But there is a life-saving message in this article.


Alcohol dependency: pastor as addiction counselor

In this second article of a two-part series, a physician gives specific suggestions on how to help those who have an alcohol addiction.


The covenants and righteousness by faith

Which covenant did Jesus, as a Man, live under? The universal covenant? Or the new covenant?


Renewal time: planning your sabbatical

Timely counsel for pastors to "come away by yourselves… and rest a while."


What happens to their children?

An insightful look at the lives of missionary families from the perspective of a "missionary's kid."




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