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June 2007


Editorial: Growth calls for responsibility

From the earliest days the Christian church has focused on growth. The book of Acts takes us on a breathtaking journey-following Paul and others as they shared the message of Jesus Christ. More recently, after a few years of ambivalence following the disappointment of 1844, Adventists embarked on gospel-proclaiming journeys. James and Ellen White, Joseph Bates, J. N. Andrews, and others proclaimed the message.


Why not try a week of prayer and fasting in your district?

Prayer and fasting benefits both the ministries and ministers within the church.


"This letter to be read by all": a strategy for Christian unity

The oral presentation of the prophets' letters to the churches benefited the hearers in three ways.


Growing in Christ: atonement and Christus Victor

A theological reflection on a fundamental belief of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, accepted at the 2005 General Conference Session.


Unbaptized children and Communion

In this article about children and communion, the author explains why ubaptized children should be excluded from communion.


The Lord's Supper and children's particpation

The author argues for why children should be allowed to particpate in Communion.


The landscape of the church

The ministry of the General Conference secretariat does far more than keep the official minutes of various committees. Their work changes lives.




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