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March 2008


Editorial: The past helps us look to the future

Remember how you felt before you preached your first sermon? All kinds of thoughts raced through your mind-Did I study enough? Is the sermon properly organized? Will I have good eye contact with the congregation? Or will my eyes be glued to the notes? That's how our team felt on March 31, 1998.


Broken vessels

God did not come to seek the stellar righteous but those who had made a mess of their lives-full-blown disasters.


To act justly

What must we as church members, pastors, and administrators do to implement the Hebrew concept of justice (mishpat)?


Assisting parishioners through grief - Part one of a two-part series

What you say (or don't say) can make all the difference while ministering to grieving families.


Legalism and "righteousness by faith:" - Part 2

This biblical scholar concludes his discussion of the gift of salvation by addressing the final three uses of divine law.


Love God, love your people

The counsel may seem simple; yet it is at the heart of successful ministry.


The Nebuchadnezzar Syndrome

Pride is a temptation for many pastors, regardless of the size of the church or the magnitude of our responsibilities. How do we gain the victory over it?




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