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April 2008


Editorial: Something important happened in Galilee

In our discussions, we tend to focus on our personal likes and dislikes, and our opinions take on the role of authority. As important as these discussions may be, we tend to move away from the basic question of worship-who and what does worship involve?


Interview: Guarding the church organization: An interview with the Office of General Counsel

What role does the legal team of the Adventist Church play in fulfilling the mission of the church?


The lady in the aisle

Is it time to re-evaluate how we do evangelism in our churches? The author shares several stories that may answer that question.


Abiding in Christ and ministry

Learning to depend completely upon Christ is impossible for our human nature to accomplish. But through Christ all things are possible.


Developing an Adventist concept of spirituality

What is spirituality? How do we recognize it in the lives of individuals and in the life of the church?


Christian commitment

Love for Christ does not mean merely a feeling or affection but a commitment to follow Him all the way.


New Testament house churches: A model for today's complex world?

The New Testament speaks of groups of believers meeting regularly in the intimacy of a home rather than a church building. Is this a model for church life in the twenty-first century?




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