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January 2012


Editorial: Seven goals for the New Year

My overarching aim for 2012 is to model my life according to the will of Christ as revealed through His life and teachings.



Society today does not value the importance of rest and sleep, and many often con­sider sleep to be a waste of time.


7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership

Overcoming self-defeating behavior in work and ministry.



Religious news from around the world.


Christians, Worldviews, and Wisdom

Only a deep, personal knowledge of God can give us the wisdom to make truly informed choices of what standard we will use to recognize true and trustworthy knowledge—the Word of God or modern scientific interpretations.


The Joys (and Challenges) of Retirement

If we are blessed to have lived long enough to retire, we will face some new challenges and new joys. What will be our attitude?


Different from us: A Pastoral Reflection on Cultural Conflict

How do we, as ministers of the gospel, respond to the questions voiced in our society?


The Heaven-ordained Result of Revival and Reformation

Our special revival and reformation column.


Good Stories

How does one tell a good children’s story?


All kinds of stuff

Could there be something rather less intimidating about a complex doctrinal presentation than seeing ourselves in a transparent parable?


Issues in the interpretation of the seven trumpets of Revelation

When we examine this prophecy from our historical moment, we should realize that some elements have been fulfilled while others are in the process of fulfillment.




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