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March 2012


Editorial: Give them something to eat

How would your hearers describe the focus of your public presentations and personal interac­tions? Are you giving them more substantial nourishment than the junk food of this present age?


Revival for Faithful Christians

Our special revival and reformation feature continued.


Who decided which books should be included in the Bible?

How we address this question determines whether we believe that the Bible, as we have it, came into being as a result of the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the early church.


A Personal Devotional Journey

Read how the author traveled from conversion to ministry, from sermon preparation to motivation and to seeking to know his Lord better and better.


Revived by His Word: “A Journey of Discovery Together Through the Bible”

Revived by His Word is designed especially to strengthen the spiritual experience of those who know Christ deeply and motivate those who are struggling to know Him better.


The Grand Story

Have we yet explored the hermeneutical potential of permitting the Bible to speak to us with its own narrative power?


Archaeology and the Authority of the Bible

This essay includes a review of some of the most important finds made during the last 25 years by archaeologists working in the Middle East.


Seeking God before Pursuing the Agenda

Our special revival and reformation feature.


Watch your Priorities

Should you be considering leaving the ministry—read this article before you make that decision!



Monthly religious news from around the world.


Keeping those Good Resolutions

The pastor and health column.


Who Authored the Bible?

While the Bible was written by numerous individuals, modern scholarship has questioned its authenticity. So, who really wrote the Scriptures?




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