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December 2013


Editorial: Seedtime and Harvest

How often have I tried to plant a church in a community without paying any attention to the condition of the soil?



Female pastors in ministry in papua new guinea


Beyond Blessing

You will find Beyond Blessings useful for sermon ideas.


A Traveling Man

From the revival and reformation series.


Seventh-Day Adventists and Health: Celebrating 150 Years of the Adventist Health Message

How did Seventh-day Adventists develop the largest Protestant health system in the world?


Growing in Grace: The Transforming Power of Sabbath School

Dynamic, growing Sabbath School classes provide instruction, inclusion, investment, and inspiration. Read how this can happen.


Does God Believe in Restoration? Part 3

Read the 11 guidelines for a pastor’s restoration.


The Seven Heads of the Beast in Revelation 17

Join the author in a closer look at Revelation 17 in an effort to discover the meaning that God intended for this enigmatic passage.


Abundant and Abiding Fruit Bearing

What is Jesus saying to us about bearing abundant and abiding fruit and why is it important?


Meaning Makers for Postmoderns

As we understand we are meaning makers, we share with God in helping others see their vital meaning and purpose in this world. But as Jesus has shown us, the focus of meaning is on God.


Cultivating Church Planting in Your Territory

The author describes seven ways that church plants flourish.




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