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March 2015


Editorial: Prayer and the cosmic conflict

The preacher is commissioned to pray as well as to preach.


The Epistle to the Hebrews as pastoral encouragement

The author of the book of Hebrews wrote a word of encouragement and a series of dire warnings.


The least of these: Revisiting our ministry mandate to forgotten groups

Jesus’ parables are powerful illustrations of the kingdom, the King, and the principles by which He governs His realm.


Abandonment and pastoral care

Abandonment affects our parishioners, and as pastors, we should know how to deal with it.


You cannot stay on shore

From our continuing Revival and Reformation series.


Planning a sermonic year

Note these five steps crucial for developing a preaching calendar for the year


The promise in God’s name

The author claims that we can be assured that our success is directly linked to our connection with the all-powerful, all-consuming, self-existing One—the great I AM



Religious news from around the world.


An enemy hath done this: Cosmic conflict theodicy1

The presence and pervasiveness of suffering in this world poses a persistent challenge to religious belief and religious believers.


Book Review: Message, Mission, and Unity of the Church

I strongly recommend this volume for not only theological scholars and present Adventist pastors, but also theology students and seminarians, as well as lay leaders of the church who want a better understanding of the nature of the church, its message, mis­sion, authority, and unity.


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