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May 2015


Editorial: Building a support network

Take a moment to reflect on your current support system.


Feeding Five or Five Thousand 1

The author looks at Jesus as a “splendid communicator.”


Adventist theology and the new anthropology: Challenges and opportunities

What does the process of dehellenization do to theology and how does it relate to Adventist theology?


“Holy” gossiping: Reflections on how the psalms view the misuse of the tongue

Raising awareness about the misuse of the tongue and seeking to prevent and solve its terrible consequences becomes an imperative for every person who serves the God of peace and truth.


Revive in Us Your Work

From our continuing revival and reformation series.


Balancing a Busy Life

Listed in this article are seven tips to help facilitate the pastoral process of finding balance.


The way of a Christian leader

Learn about various aspects of leadership in light of Jesus’ downward mobility.


Autopsy of a Deceased Church: 12 Ways to Keep Yours Alive

12 ways to keep your church alive


Taking time to be attentive

From the revival and reformation series.


Dwindling Evidence for the Moderate Use of Alcohol

From the monthly pastor and health feature.


Clinical depression or “life sorrows”? Distinguishing between grief and depression in pastoral care 1

How does the pastoral counselor distinguish ordinary grief from clinical depression?



News on religion from around the world.




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