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October 2015


Editorial: From dissapointment to delight

Our journey through their story can be found in Luke 24.


Are your dreams temporal or eternal?

From the ongoing revival and reformation series.


Adventist Maverick: Celebrating the Work of George R. Knight

The reader will enjoy an informing overview of Knight’s major contributions to Adventism and find ways to explore Knight’s own writings in more detail.


Adventists named “most racially diverse religious group in United states”

Religious news from around the world


Insights for mission from the context and flow of Revelation 14:6–12

There’s more to Revelation than just end-time events; linked to those events is something deeper.


Spirituality: Biblical and nonbiblical— Part 1 of 2

The author suggests how one can discern the difference between biblical spirituality and other major forms of spiritual life.


The paradox of comparison

Why do we compare ourselves with sinful human beings when we should look up to Jesus Christ for everything?


“There is no fear in love . . .” (1 John 4:18)

How does our faith in Christ address our fears?


The power of rest

Learn how your ability to perform at a high level also relates to your commitment to rest.


Relating to Imperfect leaders: Lessons from David and Saul

Encouraging people to do their best and being supportive of others takes more effort and courage than pointing out weaknesses, claims the author.




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