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February 2016


Editorial: Transitions

The One who has led you this far will not leave you now.


Mission vision

From our continuing Revival and Reformation series.

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Expanding our understanding of present truth

Is there a central theme of Scripture that the church is not fully addressing?

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Adventists in politico-military strife and violence

The church faces spiritual and ecclesiastical issues when it finds itself in a war zone. Should the church and its members ignore the difficult realities that surround them?

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Practical lessons from the woman with the issue of blood

The author shares the story of one who lives her faith; and reveals sobering lessons about the rest of us who wish to do the same,

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The three angels’ messages and world religions

Seeing the world through the eyes of others is a critical initial step in communicating biblical principles with them.

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News from around the world.

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Energy depletion

An experienced minister shares valuable advice that can ward off burnout.

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Building transformational communities

Zechariah’s call to “come out” of Babylon was actually a call to “come in”—into a community that was defined as a remnant. What does that mean for us today?

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Book Review: The Open Door: Inspiring and Miraculous Stories From Youth Evangelists

Inspiring and Miraculous Stories From Youth Evangelists




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