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December 2017


Letters to the Editor


Lutherans, Catholics, Methodists, Reformed, and Anglicans “drawn into deeper communion”

Religious news from around the world.


Letters to the Editor

Reformation edition


10,000 percent church growth—do we have what it takes?

By intentionally embracing humility, courtesy, tenderness, and compassion, one can become one hundred, two can become two hundred, and three can become three hundred.


The not-so-random visit

Inspirational thoughts from our ongoing revival and reformation series.


Five keys to opening the front door

“First-time visitor? So glad to see you!” It’s one thing to welcome them; it’s another thing to keep them. Pick up these five indispensable principles and create a “sticky church.”


Innovative evangelism part 1: A new paradigm

They mattered in Jesus’ day; they matter today. Discover why paying attention to people is still the best evangelistic approach.


God’s two seals: The seal of the gospel and the apocalyptic seal

Scholars recognize the apocalyptic significance of the seal in Revelation 7. But what about “the other seal”? This Pauline perspective is an absolute imperative for preachers of the eschaton.


Unity aids mission and mission serves unity

Can a church, blessed with gifts of diversity, prioritize relationships over being right, unity over uniformity, interdependence over independence, and compassion over control?


Cultivating relationships through small groups

It’s OK to be apprehensive about them; it’s not OK to avoid them. Take home this seven-point strategy to successfully reach out to “pre-Adventists.” It’s easy. It’s effective. It’s even exciting.


The first thing that every leader should do

Baptisms, boards, business meetings . . . What’s your number one leadership priority? Is there room on your list for relationships and rapport?


Small group ministry resources from across the world

The best small group resources from around the world field.


Book Review: Moving Your Church: Become a Spirit-Led Community

When did you last invite someone to attend church?


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