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December 2018


Restorers—That He might be glorified

90th Anniversary article, reprinted from The Ministry, March 1970, pages 17-19.

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No more whispers

Disunity will happen if we lose sight of the original message.

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Dealing with suffering and loss

How do you cope when you lose the one who is bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh?

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Vigilance and freedom: An interview with Bernie Anderson regarding pornography

Can a pastor really be forgiven for and free from pornography? Read one pastor’s story.

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Managing ministry’s main menace—ego

The ministry may be under attack; but we are not defenseless. Know your weakness and God’s strength.

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Taken or left?

The author opens up the Bible on the rapture. See what man has taken away— but God has left.

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Readers weigh in on recent articles of interest to them.

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Our miraculous planet Earth

The astronauts said it, what an amazing world! How much time did God need?

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Book Review: Book Review: God’s Character and the Last Generation

How should we think about last generation theology?


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