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Writer's Guidelines

Please read these guidelines before submitting your article.

Ministry, International Journal for Pastors, has been published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church world headquarters (General Conference) since 1928. For many years the majority of the magazine’s readers comprised Seventh-day Adventist ministers. Since the 1970s this journal has been offered to clergy of all denominations. Today’s readers represent many religious faiths as well as various ministries—pastors, professors, administrators, chaplains, pastoral students, and lay leaders.

As a subscription journal, Ministry’s monthly circulation totals more than 18,000. Additionally, Ministry is distributed, on a complimentary basis (each odd-numbered month of the year), to nearly 60,000 clergy of other denominations.

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Before you write, please remember the following:


Topics of interest

We welcome submissions regardless of religious affiliation. Writers may review Seventh-day Adventist beliefs (visit in order to better understand the concepts and needs of the majority of the readers. Additionally, writers should ask themselves: What do I expect the reader to do with my manuscript? 

Many topics are featured in each issue of Ministry magazine. A list that prospective writers may use as a guide to the great variety of what we need in content follows:

General manuscripts (2,000-2,500 words):  

For additional guidance as to the type of manuscripts we accept, look at previous issues.

Book reviews and resources (up to 500 words):

Dateline items (up to 250 words):  

Manuscript style and submission

Please follow the guidelines outlined below:

Our response to your submission

Terms of acceptance

Ministry purchases all publication rights, including translation. Exceptions to this policy need to be negotiated before the signing of the publication agreement. Occasionally second serial rights are purchased for manuscripts published elsewhere.

Once the writer receives notification that Ministry has decided to purchase the manuscript, the publication agreement will be sent. Please read it carefully, sign, and return. Writers need to realize that the manuscript may not be published immediately after acceptance and in some cases may not be published at all. If we, after payment, choose not to publish a manuscript, we will release all rights back to the writer. 


Payment for manuscript

We pay for general manuscripts and book and resource reviews, with the payment determined on the amount of research done and other work needed to prepare the manuscript. If the editors need to spend considerable time editing the manuscript, payment may be reduced. We do not pay for Dateline items.

As a writer, you will receive payment after you return the signed agreement, completed biographical information, and a quality photo to our office. Please note, United States citizens and residents must supply their Social Security number for payment.


won elcitra na timbuS or send it to MinistryMagazine @


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