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Clifton L. Taylor

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Articles by Clifton L. Taylor

When is a Candidate Prepared? (July 1943)

Efficient Evangelistic Methods and Pastoral Technique.

Blessing and Dedicating Babies (October 1944)

It is nearly fourteen years since my attention was first called to the practice of publicly blessing infants in some Seventh-day Adventist churches.

How Can I find the Pastor? (December 1958)

Why must it often be so difficult for a stranger in need to find an SDA pastor?

Sign, Seal, and Mark (August 1933)

What do the terms sign and seal mean?

Natural or Ceremonial Uncleanness (April 1932)

Do we as seventh-day Adventists abstain from swine's flesh from physio­logical or theological reasons?

A Social Experiment in the Church Laboratory* (May 1930)

I am glad to commend this article to our ministers as an example of what can be done to satisfy the social needs of our young people, and at the same time provide entertainment that is wholesome and edu­cational.
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