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Rex D. Edwards

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Articles by Rex D. Edwards

As I Follow Christ: 20 Essentials Every Leader Should Know (November 2013)

More than ever, church leaders need moral wisdom and strength.

The Grave of Wasted Genius (October 1966)

Enhancing the ministers' usefulness.

"The Controlling Dynamic: The Love of Christ" (February 1969)

ADDRESSING himself to the assembly of the saints, the apostle says: "At any rate there has been no selfish motive. The very spring of our actions is the love of Christ" (2 Cor. 5:14, Phillips).*

Purpose of Excommunication (August 1976)

Excommunication is a remedial measure that is not without redemptive intent.

Confrontation at Calvary (January 1978)

The author, Rex Edwards, describes in vivid detail the capitulation of a soul fortress that resisted every assault for over twenty years.

Giving as Jesus gave—a theology of stewardship (August 1979)

Stewardship means much more than the narrow limits we have often placed upon it.

Every Member a Minister? From Theology to Church Reality (February 1980)

The typical church member does not identify himself as a minister or know how to fulfill ministry in his daily life.

Ministers without pulpits (June 1982)

If every Christian is called to pattern his or her life after that of the Saviour, then each Christian is called to minister to others.

Suspects or prospects? (August 1983)

Rising costs of salesmen s calls are forcing business to find new ways of identifying good potential customers. Can we become more effective in our soul-winning efforts by taking a page from their book?

Baptism as ordination (August 1983)

The church has somehow separated the baptism of water from the baptism of the Spirit, and thus it fails to understand that baptism is more than incorporation into the community of the committed. It is ordination for full participation in Christ's ministry.

Change: pulpit or pew? (November 1985)

Barriers between the church and the world of which it is a part.

More than silver (July 1985)

This article points out that while stewardship includes fund-raising and other money matters, it "comes most sharply to focus in the Christian s daily work when he views it as divine vocation." Stewardship has implications for both the Christian s choice of his vocation and his performance of it.

Baptism: pastoral perplexities (December 1987)

How should we handle rebaptism, children who want to be baptized, and those who want to join our church but who have been baptized by modes other than immersion?

The pastoral prayer in worship (December 1988)

Six characteristics of a good public prayer.

Servant, proclaimer, priest (November 1989)

The New Testament proclaims the priesthood of all believers. What then is the role of the clergy? How does their role differ from that of the rest of the members of the church?

Half truth and partial vision (April 1989)

Having much to do relieves, in part, the frustration of not knowing what to say.

Masters in Israel (October 1990)

We must, of course, affirm that the ministry of the Word of God cannot depend alone upon well-trained and educated talent.

Weaving new and more colorful garments (October 1990)

How to add glitter and sparkle to your sermons

Pastoral continuing education: fast food or planned meal? (February 1990)

Pastors who respond impulsively and without planning and forethought to the array of continuing education opportunities that cross their desks are like a family that eats too many meals at fast-food restaurants.

Visitation: a dying art? (August 1991)

The divine-human encounter reveals why the home visit is still an essential part of pastoring.

The pastorhood of all believers (December 1992)

In person and office the pastor combines both the declaration of God's reconciling love to the congregation in worship, and the active ministration of that love to the congregation according to its several needs.

Well read or widely read? (October 1992)

You can be a better reader.

More than preaching (March 1992)

A pastor's work is essentially telling the story of salvation, the proclamation of something that has happened in and to human history, the showing forth of a new relationship to God in Jesus Christ

The art of expository preaching (December 1994)

It is proclaiming the Word of God.

Why a church wedding? (November 1994)

Seven reasons a church wedding should be encouraged.

No hidden agenda (October 1993)

The relationship between evangelism and social action.

Baptism and conversion (August 1993)

Should we baptize the unconverted? Does faith precede or follow baptism?

The E word (May 1994)

Even Adventists regard evangelism with pessimism and skepticism. They dislike tactics based on fear, intimidation, manipulation, and coercion that cause the message to be lost in the method. Such uneasiness accounts for the chiding references some employ in caricaturing evangelism as the E word.

Impossible to put into words (March 1993)

It is the Spirit that giveth life.

My church: a quadrant of concerns, a trilogy of trust (October 1996)

I have some concerns for my church. It is unlike me to express my quarrels because of my love for the church, its people, and its leaders. Nevertheless, I have encountered these concerns and felt the need to encourage them.

Is tolerance enough? (April 1996)

Do we pastors ever hate our enemies? Who are our enemies, anyway?

Make the Word relevant (October 1995)

Know the gospel. Experience the gospel. Communicate the gospel.

The church: its nature and design (July/August 1995)

It's a family. It's a body. It's a building. It's a bride. It's us.

A strategy for pastoral renewal (October 1998)

Importance of continuing education: skills for survival

Service over self-interest (November 1997)

Spiritual leadership in a Christian democracy

A partnership in ministry (March 1997)

Two views of the church

Spiritual leadership or baptized secularism? (September 2002)

Principles for leading churches from a spiritual base.
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