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S. L. Folkenberg

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Articles by S. L. Folkenberg

Use of Black Light in Evangelism (July 1955)

About three years ago when I first began experimenting with this novel aid to evangelism, it was with a conviction that the Lord was leading me into something new and unusual. With the excellent direction found in the book Evan­gelism for my guide, I entered into extended experiments in the field of black light.

Tainted Workers (December 1968)

Applying the message of Laodicea to our own time.

PASTOR: Lay Evangelism in the local Church (April 1952)

"In order to preach this gospel in all the world, we are going to have to harness the great body of laymen who comprise the church, and put them to work for Christ."

"All Together Now--Push" (May 1975)

IT REALLY was a beautiful car, but it had a very frustrating habit. It would not start-well, once in a while it would catch, cough, and sputter for a short distance. The family was large, and they were more than busy checking, studying, analyzing---then someone would say, "All together now---PUSH." Others were invited to help, as if it was some sort of privilege to help push a nice new car. . .
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