Robert R. Frame

Robert R. Frame is president of the Australasian Division.

Spirit of Prophecy Day

WHEN the year 1968 slipped into eternity religious and political writers began to reflect on a year that brought heart break and sorrow on both the home front and the international scene. Editors and authors analyzed the Vietnam war and the Nigerian situation. . .

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Ellen White and Public Evangelism in Australia

THE influence of the Spirit of Prophecy upon evangelism in Australia is as difficult to assess as the love of Cod. Who can measure it? On January 3, 1875, before a distinguished congregation of Adventists in the United States, Ellen White was given a vision that proved in later years to be of tremendous interest to our people in Australia. It was the vision of the lights. In this she beheld an ever-enlarging work of evangelism depicted by jets of light shining like stars in the darkness, ever increasing until the whole world was illumined with their glory. . .

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