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G. D. Keough

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Articles by G. D. Keough

World's Penchant for Peace (July 1946)

A look at recent world trends.

Catholics Capitalize Publicity (June 1946)

Publicity, it is said, is the life of trade.

Will Europe Unite? (December 1948)

Of all the Bible prophecies, there is none more simple and clear than that of the second chapter of Daniel.

The Sinlessness of the Sin Bearer (October 1963)

The testimony of the Scriptures to the sinlessness of the Man Jesus, who came "in the likeness of sinful flesh" to save sinners, is clear and full.

Was Job's Experience Necessary? (September 1963)

A look at the suffering of Job.

The Priesthood of Jesus (August 1963)

The death of Jesus alone could have made possible the forgiveness of sin that allowed the human race to live; and His mediation alone could have have enabled Enoch to walk with God on earth and be received up into glory more than three thousand years before the events of Calvary (chap. 7:25).

God's Power to Pardon and Forgive (June 1966)

God's power to pardon and forget the sins of the redeemed is all the more remarkable because He assures us that He never can forget His people.

The Cleansing of the Sanctuary (January 1962)

This unsolicited article from a veteran Bible teacher will provoke thought on a subject of interest to our readers. We print it in the interest of objective study in an area that is at once both vital and, in the hands of the immature student, dangerous. It is therefore to be studied with care and reverence.

Divine Forgiveness (May 1961)

Elder G. D. Keough spent many years in the Middle East and in this article reveals the Mohammedan's concept of God's attribute of forgiveness.

The Sanctuary (October 1969)

THE ordinances of the sanctuary were given to Israel because transgression and the worship of idols had so perverted their concept of God that they no longer saw the sinfulness of sin. They had become like the idols they worshiped (Eze. 20:5-8; Ps. 135:18). Till the Seed should come (Gal. 3:19), who would fully reveal the Father (John 1:18), there was need of a new revelation of God. This God gave them in the sanctuary. . .

The Importance of Balance in Doctrine (February 1960)

IN MATTERS of doctrine there is no greater or more subtle danger than that of overemphasizing some statement of Scripture...

"Lightened With His Glory" (September 1973)

WE HAVE long looked for ward to the time when the earth shall be lightened with the glory of the angel with the last message of mercy to the world (Rev. 18:1). That message is simply a call to come out of Babylon, for the last plagues are about to be poured out upon her and God would have His people separated from Babylon that these plagues might not fall upon them. . .
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