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R. L. Klingbeil

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Articles by R. L. Klingbeil

Beware of Mechanizing the Bible Study (March 1957)

A look at a special danger that we are facing in our missionary endeavor--the presentation of our message by means of projectors and recorders.

The Challenge and Dignity of Small Congregations (July 1964)

Why is so little said about the glory, the challenge, and the dif­ficulties of work for God in small areas?

"None of These Diseases" (October 1967)

The monthly medical ministry column.

The Medical Ministry (November 1968)

Every Preacher a Practitioner of Preventive Medicine

Medicine and Religion (February 1968)

An unbeatable combination

Lay Medical Evangelism and the Final Crisis (February 1960)

In the field of preventive medicine all can shine, especially if a definite effort is put forth to seek added information.

Needed---Emphasis on Prevention, Not Cure! (January 1971)

"Why is it, that you as a minister and theologian are so involved in the promotion of physical fitness? Is not this area rather far removed from theology?"
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