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J. David Newman

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Articles by J. David Newman

Is our church putting first things first? (October 1985)

Our church has become a large enterprise. Is the commitment of the church's employees to its mission based primarily on material or spiritual values? Does the church need an annual priority audit?

Ohio changes system (October 1985)

What happens when a conference changes its departmental system? Is the church ready for another 1901 reorganization? Ohio is experimenting with innovative ways to complete the work God has given it.

Is Genesis myth? (September 1985)

If there is a clash in interpretation between science and the Bible, which takes precedence?

Conflict and perspective (August 1985)

How many times have I counseled a friend to remember that there are always two sides to a dispute? And how many times have I been sure that my side was the only right side?

Task force recommends pay hike (November 1988)

Report of a recent meeting of the North American Division Church Finance and Employee Remuneration Task Force.

Standards define relationships (October 1989)

Are some standards absolute and some cultural? Do we need to change some standards?

The internationalization of Ministry (February 1989)

We'll pay $500 for the qualifying articles we judge to be best*

"Celebration" is a naughty word (December 1990)

The word "celebration" has become a naughty (wicked! bad! evil!) word in Adventist circles. It constitutes, for many, the new buzzword for expressing displeasure with almost any change in church worship practice.

Robert and Anita Folkenberg share their views (December 1990)

The Folkenbergs speak out on their dreams for the church and share their priorities.

Annual Council Report (December 1991)

A review of the 1991 Annual Council meeting in Perth, Australia.

Home schools have their place (September 1990)

There are benefits to home schooling

Adventist Health System's role in mission (August 1990)

How can Adventist health institutions contribute to Global Strategy? Do they still have a role?

Allaying confusion over salvation (November 1991)

Explaining the relationship of the new birth to justification.

Is it safe to celebrate? (June 1990)

Are the celebration churches bringing Pentecostalism into the Adventist Church? Should the church allow this style of worship?

Is there room for mavericks in the church? (May 1990)

Is there room for mavericks in the church? Can the church-with its structure, its policies, its rules, its committees-tolerate nonconformists?

Editor pastors church (September 1991)

Ways to go about changing the status quo in your church without being changed for another pastor.

Slanting the truth (January 1990)

Our reports may be factual but slanted and even misleading.

1992 Annual Council report (December 1992)

The 1992 Annual Council, held at the General Conference headquarters, saw a major departure from past practice.

Raising or lowering standards? (December 1992)

If you want to start a discussion in a church group just mention the word "standards,"and everyone will have an opinion.

Lifting up the cross (October 1992)

Quotations from Ellen G. White

"I, if I be lifted up from the earth" (October 1992)

An open letter from the editor of Ministry to the General Conference President

Abortion: choice or life? (September 1992)

For several years the Adventist Church has had a committee wrestling with the abortion question. It has now formulated a suggested statement which will be presented to the 1992 Annual Council. Should the church vote a statement? What authority should it have?

Confused over the basis of salvation (July 1991)

A recent study of more than 12,000 Seventh-day Adventist young people found that 81 percent of them believe that they "must live by God's rules in order to be saved."

Au revoir, Floyd and Ellen Bresee (July 1992)

Floyd Bresee, association secretary for the past seven years, announced his retirement effective August 31, 1992.

Folkenberg three years later (June 1992)

Has the president changed his views since the publication of his article on church structure three years ago?

Is the church softening its stand on alcohol? No! (June 1992)

"The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists reaffirms its historic stand for temperance principles, policies, and programs as set forth in the Bible, the Spirit of Prophecy, and past General Conference actions, upholding abstinence as a commitment of each member.

Are there moral absolutes? (May 1991)

I became uneasy when he suggested that there are no such things as absolutes.

Dancing and worship (April 1991)

We should worship god with both our mind and our emotions.

Servant leadership and Robert Greenleaf (March 1991)

What is servant leadership? How does it differ from other styles of leadership?

How sacred is human life? (February 1991)

We will need to take a fresh look at our abortion guidelines in the light of these principles.

Global Mission, my mission (April 1992)

Is our church growth flawed? Are we preaching the pure gospel? Should we revise the 27 fundamental beliefs?

PREACH in jeopardy (February 1992)

Help keep the PREACH program going

At Ministry, a new editor and an enduring purpose (January 1992)

Martin Weber is the new associate editor of Ministry Magazine

Net '95-it's a net, not a hook! (December 1994)

An interview with Alfred C. McClure, president of the North American Division, by J. David Newman, editor of Ministry

Reaching the secular mind (November 1993)

Love wins most arguments.

Happiness is a choice (September 1993)

Most people are about as happy as they choose to be.

How much diversity can we stand? (April 1994)

These four articles represent four significant segments within the church today.

Christian Basics (April 1993)

John Stott's basic primer on Christianity.

Can pastors keep the Sabbath? (March 1994)

How does the work of pastors during the week differ from their work on Sabbath? How is Sabbath a rest day for them?

Marrying non-Adventists (February 1994)

The prohibition against an Adventist minister performing the wedding ceremony between an Adventist and a non-Adventist has long been church practice. This tradition has assumed the force of policy even though it has never been officially voted.

Credibility: gaining and losing it (January 1994)

Integrity is the most precious resource a leader can possess.

Laodicea and corporate repentance (February 1993)

The Lord would rather have His beloved Laodiceans angry and enlightened than lukewarm and needing eyesalve.

Youth takes charge at the Ministerial Association (January 1993)

The appointment of James Cress as the new secretary of the Ministerial association.

What pastors think about the Year of the Pastor (January 1993)

Should you get excited about the Year of the Pastor?

Special assistant editors appointed (January 1993)

The appointment of three special assistant editors to meet the diverse needs of the Ministry readership

The cross contradicts evolution (September 1995)

One cannot believe in the cross and evolution at the same time.

Farewell (September 1995)

J. David Newman writes his farewell editorial.

The most important question in the world (July/August 1995)

Solving the world's most important question lays the foundation for solving all life's problems.

The mark of God's people (June 1995)

Love is Christ's identifying mark.

When you don't get what you want (April 1995)

We must obey God's church, even when painful.

Salvation in one word (March 1995)

What one word summarizes the essence of salvation?

Charging your devotional life (January 1995)

Exploring three basic components of the devotional God
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