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J. C. Nikkels

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Articles by J. C. Nikkels

400 Won in Bogota Crusade (Conclusion) (July 1972)

MAN'S best-laid plans to fulfill the gospel commission often seem to fail be cause of the devil's opposition. Yet, God's foreknowledge makes ample provision to turn the adversary's schemes into an additional plus for His work. . .

400 Won in Bogota Crusade (June 1972)

ONCE upon a time a fierce storm raged across the fertile plateau on which Bogota lies. Vengeful torrents drowned the crops, swept away homes, and destroyed man and beast alike. As the flood waters kept rising the people helplessly watched their sacred city crumble. Some who managed to flee to islands of high ground chanted prayers and called on their gods for deliverance. . .
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